Admission in Saigrace Academy International is very easy for the student as well as for parents. Just reach out our campus and fill the admission form and make your children future bright. Fees and hostel charges in appears of more than Rs. 1000/will automatically debar the boarders from further retention in the hostel. Withdrawal of a boarder will be permitted only at the end of the session. A written notice for withdrawal after the current session, should be sent by 3rd April, failing which total school dues for three months including As Rs. 5000/- as boarding fee will be charged even if the student does not join the next class.
No leave will be granted to a student during the session in the interest of the his academics. The name of a student absenting himself from the school and hostel continuously for 3 days, will be struck off the rolls and re-admission may not be possible
Boarders who return late after vacation or mid-term break without prior permission of the Principal, will be fined As. 200/- per day, for the period of absence and disciplinary action will be taken against them.
A boarder, may be permitted to visit his local guardian in the station on 2nd Sunday of the month from
10 A.M. to 5 P.M. and once a term on a public holiday, if the application for leave reaches the office at least a day earlier. Night out leaves, are allowed only once a month on 2nd Saturday from 5.30 PM. Till 5 PM on Sunday, if the parent guardian calls for them personally. In case of seniors no night out leave will be granted.
Boarders are not permitted to go home during the session except for very special reasons, explained in a written ~application by the parents and with the approval of the Principal. No leave will be granted to attend marriage ceremony other than that of a real brother or sister.
Boarders are not allowed to keep in their possession any cash or valuable items, gold chains, expensive watches, cameras, radios or cassette. Players. School authorities do not hold themselves responsible for any such article or cash lost or stolen.
No private outfit will be accepted other than the school uniform, mentioned in the prospectus. All garments, linen and belongings must be marked with the childs name and hostel number.
Parents should ensure that their ward is in good health before he joins the hostel, and provide a medical certificate to this effect. Boarders should rejoin the hostel after holidays in good shape and with a proper hair cut.
In case of medical emergency the parents will be informed telegraphically. However if an emergency operation or treatment is required, the Principal is to be entrusted with the decision.
Change of status of a boarder to day scholar, after the session will be permitted only if the parents are transferred to Dehra Dun, otherwise the parents will be required to Withdraw their wards from the school
For homeward travel, during the mid-term break or at the end of the term, parents are expected to inform the office at least a month in advance and send the cost of ticket and journey expenses for their wards, for the purchase of tickets and reservation. Parents are requested to pay the fees on time. The fee must be deposited in the bank through a bank draft or cash. A fine of As. 200/ per day will be charged if the dues are not cleared by the scheduled date. Parents are requested not to leave the fee with any staff member for deposition on their behalf . The school will not be responsible if the student leaves the campus without prior permission from the authorities.
Students indulging in antisocial activities and acts of violence will be rusticated without warning and no dialogue will be entertained. Important Note Boarders are expected to be obedient and respectful to all staff members and co-operate with them. Boarders who in any way spoil the atmosphere of the hostel and school, may be asked to leave.

NOTE . A student may be removed by school authorities on any of the following grounds:

  • Constant weakness in studies.
  • Bullying other boys.
  • Habitual idleness and disobedience.
  • Stealing habits.
  • Behaviour problem.
  • Indifference to school activities.
  • Non co-operation and irresponsible behavior (parents/guardians towards any member of school staff.